Curated White Gold Collection


   Let us get one thing out of the way, curating your piercings is a process and that's okay! A lot of time piercers at your local studio are willing to help curate your ear specifically based off your anatomy, but for anyone with existing piercings who is looking for a some extra ideas I hope that you enjoy reading this and get inspiration from the ear that I put together for you!

   This ear was designed to help you achieve a nice, clean, and classic style. We started with the Crown Jewels in the conch! Pieces of jewelry that have a curve to them are perfect to accommodate the natural curves and ridges in your ear. Since it is a larger piece, placing it in the conch helps make sure the jewelry lays how you originally envisioned! Now it is not to say that the Crown Jewels cannot be used in other piercings, it can if there is space to accommodate it!


   Next, we added the Valentina to the helix piercing for plenty of bling in the upper ear! Going along with the same concept of placing jewelry to flow with your anatomy this end is extremely versatile as the curve is not as harsh as the Crown Jewels. It also has a low rise, so it sits nice and flush to your body without you having to worry about catching the jewelry.


  For the tragus piercing we chose the Bianca! The moonstone in the top piece of the jewelry really shows off its’ colors well in natural light. We wanted to make sure it was placed in an area to do so! The chain attachment is also great as it gives extra movement to your curated set!


   Now to finish off this ear we wanted to keep the lobes simple. Two different size Swarovski CZs are used for the first and second lobes. As a body piercer I have seen less than ideal lobe placements that the client was worried they would have to leave open because other jewelry does not work out properly. Well, do not worry about not being able to put jewelry there! This is where our “huggie” style clickers come in great! The Euphoria and Radiant are both fantastic choices to fill an existing piercing where the placement was not ideal! They can also be used in existing helix piercings as well so there is plenty of versatility with the jewelry!


   Lookout for more curated ears in our upcoming blogs! Different styles, gold colors and gemstones will be used so there will hopefully be something to inspire everyone’s own style!