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Curated Ear Piercing

Curated Ear Piercing Ideas For Everybody

Who will you be when we can step back into the world? This is a great time to focus and take care of ourselves as much as we can. Our personal style is something we can take control of in a time when things feel totally out of whack. Something as simple as a beautiful piece of jewelry can entirely boost our mood and make us feel like we are running the show. Let us help you plan which piercing to get when we finally go and support our local piercing studios and show off your unique jewelry!
Ear Piercing Guide
Ear Lobe 
Ear Lobe – One of the most classic piercings, located right on your ear lobe. You can have this pierced in multiple areas depending on your anatomy. Healing can take 6-8 weeks
Zoe Kravitz Ear Piercings Solid Gold Earrings
Conch – A great place to showcase your most prized threadless end. A conch piercing will go through the cup-shaped area adjacent to the ear canal. Healing can take from six months to a year
Conch Piercing
Solid Gold Earrings for Pierced Ears
Tragus – A tragus piercing will go through the small piece of cartilage in front of the ear canal. Healing can take from six months to a year
Tragus Piercing
Solid Gold Earring for Pierced Ears
Daith – This piercing is located on the innermost fold of your ear. A Daith piercing is a great way to show off your favorite seamless ring or clicker right away. Healing will take six months or longer
Kylie Jenner Daith Piercing
Solid Gold Ring for Piercings
Outer Helix - The ridge of cartilage around the edge of the external part of the ear. The outer helix usually refers to piercings from above the earlobe to the top of the ear. If you are getting this piercing for the first time you will want to start with a post, healing cartilage is often more difficult. Once healed, adding a hoop style piece of jewelry looks killer. 
 Miley Cyrus Helix Piercing
Radiant Solid Gold Ring for Piercings
Rings - You can add a simple solid gold ring to just about any of your piercings to enhance your jewelry or give off a minimal vibe that is so popular right now! 
Scarlett Johansson Ear Piercings
Solid Gold Ring for Piercings
Charms Chains
Charms + Chains - Add a little flair to your solid gold ring with a charm or a chain!
FKA TWIGS Piercings
 Chains for Ear Piercings



We can't wait to see what you come up with! Body Jewelry is an amazing way for anyone to enhance their own personal style and show off your originality. Thank you for reading! 

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