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Buddha Jewelry 2017-2018 Collection

2017- 2018 Collection

This year we are dedicated to enjoying the moment. Whatever that may be, wherever we find ourselves, there is something to delight in. This reflects in our 2017/ 2018 collection where we reveled in color, fashion and form. In nature, color saturates the scenery and reflects warmth and energy, ever evolving in shape and light.  We embraced the full rainbow spectrum of vibrant hues this year with jaspers, ambers, turquoise, malachite, lapidorite, and amethyst. We played with the crystalline structures and techno colors of bismuth and aqua aura quartz, mixing the traditional with the revolutionary. We hope you delight in seeing and wearing the jewelry as much as we have producing it! Enjoy the moment!

Crystal Earrings for Stretched Ears

Fine Metal Crystal Earrings

Crystal Earrings for Stretched Ears

Crystal Ear Weights for Stretched Ears



Top to bottom:

Alchemy in silver and amethyst

Muse Hoops in bumble bee jasper and rose gold

Aura Weights in bloodstone and brass

Vex in citrine and brass


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