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Amethyst Information

Amethyst - Get to know this beautiful stone

Amethyst Stone

Those born under the sign of Pisces are blessed with the birthstone of amethyst. This beautiful stone is a member of the mineral quartz family and is an easy favorite with its wide variety of majestic purples. This stone has a little something for everyone, whether you believe in the power of crystals or not. We love the natural untouched beauty that the amethyst provides, that’s why we have simple designs to enhance the beautiful nature of the crystal. Wearing the amethyst as jewelry is a great way to embrace all that this stone has to offer, keeping spirituality, sobriety, security and wisdom close to your heart, mind and soul. You can use crystals for a touch of nature in your home, and we’re obsessed! Not only does having them cleanse and create a place of peace, but they also make any space look super rad. Big amethyst chunks can be used as book ends, smooth flat pieces can be used for coasters, or simply have them on a display shelf. Any way you use this crystal will bring positivity and style to your home.

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Examples on how to style crystals in your home:

Crystal Candle Holder

Amethyst candle holder $50.00 with free shipping!

Crystal Home Decor

Amethyst around your plants. Perfect for a mediation area of your home.

Buddha Jewelry Candle

100% soy candles with a cute little stone at the bottom. $22

Crystal Home Decor

You can snag this rad shelf to show off all your crystals from LoveLifeWood on Etsy

Crystal Home Decor

You can literally put them anywhere! Tag us in your cute crystal home decor on IG at @Buddhajewelryorganics

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