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Apolysis Has An Eye For Detail

Apolysis Has An Eye For Detail

Fine Body Jewelry for Piercings

 Model, Apolysis, has stunning natural beauty with an eye for detail that really makes BJO a match made in heaven with her unique style. Here is what she said about a few of her favorite pieces from us:

"I chose the Flora septum, rose gold Luxe Weights, & the Buzz  styles to wear for their intricate and ornate look. I gravitate towards fine detail and all of these have those qualities about them! Whether I’m dressing up fancy for the evening or just my casual day to day outfit, it’s nice to always have a statement piece that stands out above the rest."


Earrings for Stretched Ears

Stretched Ear Model

Solid Gold Septum Piercing

Fine Body Jewelry

Stretched Ears

Jewelry for Stretched Ears

Earrings for Streched Ears

Fine Body Jewelry for Stretched Ears

Coral Earrings for Piercings

Modified Model




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