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Measure jewelry

Understanding How to Measure Your Jewelry

Choosing the correct size of jewelry is important! Everyone has their own unique anatomy which means that one size does not fit all when it comes to body jewelry. We always recommend visiting your local piercing studio to have your jewelry professionally measured and fitted. If you need assistance in finding a reputable piercing studio near you, please reach out to us! 

Click the Help or Chat button at the bottom of our website to chat with our jewelry stylist! 


Always wash your hands before handling your piercing or body jewelry




We suggest going to a professional piercer to have your piercing ring sized properly as there are many factors that go into measuring properly for the placement that will result in the best fit for your anatomy. To find the gauge size of your ring you will need to measure the thickness of the area that goes through your piercing. Next you will need to measure the diameter of the ring which is inside the very center of the ring. See below diagram


Size Graphic

Visual how to insert a clicker




The gauge of your piercing is the thickness of the post/ring that goes through your piercing. The higher the number of the gauge the thinner and smaller your size is. For example, an 18 gauge post is thinner than an 8 gauge post. After 00g it changes from gauge to inches.

This conversion chart below will help you figure out millimeter to gauges/inches.


Jewelry Size Conversion Chart


To measure your plugs you will need to use calipers or a ruler and measure the inner diameter of the plug aka the "wearspace" which is the innermost part of the plug that sits in your ear. 

To measure teardrop shaped plugs you will need to measure the length of the plug by the width of the plug's wearspace and than divide that number in half to get the millimeter size.



Single Flared - The flare is on one side only and an o-ring will fit to the other size to hold it in place. Single flared plugs are the best for stretching

Double Flared - Flare on both sides of the plugs. Double flared plugs are great for people who are no longer stretching and have reached their goal size

Mayan Flared - The flare on the front is larger than the flare on the back. This style does not affect the size or how the jewelry fits in your ear. With a mayan flare the back flare will be a normal size, that way you are able to remove them easily from your ear. This style can be front heavy for some people, but extra support of an o-ring can help with that! 




All of our threadless ends have 25 gauge steel pins that are compatible with universal threadless posts of all gauges. The post is the backing for your jewelry that will hold it in place. The gauge and length size of your post will be different for everyone based on their anatomy. We always recommend visiting a piercing professional to have the correct post sized for your piercing. We do not sell posts only the ends, so if you already know your size you can purchase your universal threadless posts here from our friends at Deep Roots.

Threadless ends info graphic




Use a string to measure from one piercing to the other from the front to back of the piercing. Once the string looks how you like, measure it! This will be the approximate length you will want to get to achieve the look. If you are in between sizes we suggest you size up! 



If you have any questions regarding this information we are here to help! You can email us or live chat with one of our jewelry specialists! As we mentioned before, if this is your first time getting a piercing we suggest visiting your local piercing studio to have a professional help you with sizing and placement. 

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