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Oregon Sunstone - Molten Lava Realness!

Oregon Sunstone - Molten Lava Realness!

The Oregon sunstone comes from southeast Oregon, and is formed in molten lava. The volcano pushes it close to the surface then slowly wears away while the gem gradually makes its way to the top. From this process a beautiful gem is born with colors ranging from red to green with hues of champagne and copper. There’s something so special about taking raw gems from the earth and being able to wear them in our everyday lives. We’re so excited to be using the Oregon sunstone in our new collection, it’s versatile beauty brings an effortless element of style. The sunstone’s energy is light and playful and reminds us to stay whimsical and fun in an often demanding and grim world. No matter where you go your aesthetic will be vibrant! 

Oregon Sunstone

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