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Style Guide: Chains

Style Guide: Chains

At Buddha Jewelry, we are committed to spreading light through the beauty of our jewelry. It’s a form of expression to mix and match your favorite pieces to create a style that reflects who you are. One of our favorite ways to expand the versatility of your piercing jewelry collection is by adding a chain to your threadless ends!

What is a Chain?

In the realm of piercing jewelry, a chain is a jewelry adornment that contains two jump rings on either end. The jump rings are then threaded through the post/threadless end to hold the chain in place. Chains can be used to link two piercings together or upgrade a single piercing by draping the chain from the front of the ear (connects to threadless end) to the back (connects to post).

Which Chain is Right for Me?

We have several exquisite chain options at Buddha Jewelry. No matter what style you are trying to achieve, we’ve got you covered! If you’re looking for a more punk rock aesthetic, go for a thicker style chain that will stand out on the ear like our Faceted Chain. If you’re looking for something more delicate and dainty for everyday wear, opt for a lighter piece like our Tile Chain. We also feature a Double Tile Chain for double the gold and double the shine! Mix and match different styles of chains to create varying textures and lengths for a totally unique look! 

What Size Chain Do I Need?

First thing’s first, determine which piercings you already have and if you need to add any new piercings to achieve your desired look. Then decide what piercings you want to add a chain to. Next, grab some string and use it to measure from one piercing to the other or from the front to the back of one piercing depending on which style you choose. Once the string is laying how you want it to look, measure the string with a ruler or measuring app. That measurement will be the approximate length you want to get. If you land in between sizes, we suggest sizing up. 

Style Tips

Now that you have a better understanding of what the chain options are, let’s look at how we can style them! Picking where you want your chains to go depends on what piercings you have and how much negative (empty) space there is. 

Rose gold opal and amethyst curation

In the rose gold curation above, we connected the flat (Round Bezel Reverse Set in Amethyst) to the double helix (Zuri in Opal) using the tile chain (Tile Chain 28mm). This adds dimension and fills up the unused area on the ear. We also added a tile chain (Tile Chain 18mm) on the second lobe (Opal Prong Cabochon 3mm) and a double tile chain (Double Tile Chain 18mm x 28mm) on the double helix (Opal Prong Cabochon 2mm) to drape around the ear. This extends the adornment and allows you to wrap your ear in gold!

White gold and moss agate curation

In this white gold curation, we styled it with beaded-style chains. We connected the first lobe (Covet) to the third lobe (Oh Hell Yes!) with our three bead chain (Cressida 3 Bead Chain) and connected two flat piercings (Swarovski Crystal Prong 2mm) together with our five bead chain (5 Bead Chain). The draping of the chains creates movement and establishes a path for the eye to follow as you take in this gorgeous white gold moss agate look!

In this yellow gold curation, we styled it using our newest faceted chain! Using this chain (Faceted Chain 28mm), we connected the forward helix (Solid Gold Seam Ring 18G in 5/16”) and the helix (Afterglow in Smokey Quartz), creating an amazing drape across the top of the ear. This becomes an intricate focal point where there wasn’t any gold jewelry before! We also connected the chain to a threadless end and a seamless ring, allowing the chain to slide comfortably as it moves.

Whether you’re new to piercing jewelry or have many adornments, chains can be utilized to create more dramatic styles, add texture, length, movement, and fill in empty areas around the ear. Check out all of our stunning chain styles here and find your perfect adornment that represents your unique style!

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