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Jacqui Blanding Style Spotlight

Style Spotlight - Jacqui Blanding

We had the pleasure of working with Jacqui this last March on our catalog shoot in New Orleans. As a model she knows herself so much that every photo she took was stunning! Even during the long and hot hours in NOLA Jacqui had great energy and was always down for a good time. We couldn't be more proud to have Jacqui apart of the BJO family!

Here is what Jacqui has to say about her personal style:

"I can't really put my style into a certain category because it's always changing. One day I'll wear my favorite patched vest with paisley pants and a crop top like I'm going to Coachella then a Star Wars t-shirt with a flannel and beat up Toms. That's what I absolutely love about Buddha Jewelry Organics - it's always changing but still remains the same great quality and elegance. It's made for everyone! I can mix it up with whatever I feel like wearing that day whether it be fancy or just chilling. I'm proud to wear Buddha because it gives me some extra confidence everyday I leave my house (and I don't leave without it!)"

Follow Jacqui's model career and amazing personal style on her Instagram

Jacqui Blanding

Jacqui Blanding

Jacqui Blanding


Jacqui Blanding

Photos by Emily Mondello of NXT Collective

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