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Plugs for Stretched Ears

The Evoke Plugs

Looking to include your favorite gemstones into your wardrobe?

Plugs for Stretched Ears

The Evokes are a must have that will give your look a clean and effortless charm. Whether in fancy gowns or your favorite hoodie, these plugs are a head turner that will compliment anything you wear. With the light bouncing off the reflective surface of the gold and gemstones alike to show off your inner and outer glow.

Fine Metal Plugs for Stretched Ears

The white gold Evokes with Aquamarine stones take you to the water. This soft and serene combo gives you a sense of calm like gentle waves against a shore. This pair is luminous and inviting, giving you a softer look.

Oregon Sunstone Plugs

Are you looking for something a little more firey? The yellow gold Evokes with Oregon sunstone is radiant and sure to get you noticed! With gemstones speckled like flickering embers of a flame and the yellow gold gives off a sunny and bright frame. 


- Sophie "Curly" Thompson

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