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Buddha Jewelry is built on strong foundations of creativity, passion, and community. As a pioneer in the piercing industry, we know that studios and piercers who support us have been vital in our continued growth and success. We wanted to elevate and highlight some of those professionals who've shown an avid enthusiasm and support for our brand and our values. With that said, we are excited to announce the launch of the Official Buddha Jewelry Pro Team! Our diverse crew of piercers and jewelry specialists truly go above and beyond for their clients all around the globe. We are proud to support, work with, and feature those who we feel reflect the piercing industry's best of the best.

Pro Team Member Gina
I have been piercing about 15 yrs. I have always tried to stay with quality but have recently branched out to carrying some of the best of the best in companies and really pushing the quality barrier in my area. I was and still am so pleased to carry your company and my clients adore your pieces. I am currently applying to the APP as I feel it is finally time. If I am not at work you can usually find me off-roading in my jeep for all sorts of causes, such as crawling for a cure, crawling for cops, topless for tatas... and other nonprofits. I want to continue my climb of offering the quality that heals and my clients deserve, at a cost that isn't pure insanity.

Find Gina on social media @piercing_by_gina

Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member John Fitterer
I’m John Fitterer, owner of Just Passing Thru Body Piercing in Santa Clarita, CA., and proud APP Member. I opened my studio in the summer of 1994 and ambitiously started my journey as a full-time professional body piercer after receiving personal training with Steve Haworth in AZ then attending Fakir Intensives in SF at EROS with Fakir and his legendary early staff including Erik Dakota & crew. From our 90’s eclectic punk, Mod-Prim early vibes to our present appointment only, heavily gold forward boutique studio aesthetic, JPT is now one of the longest running owner operated ‘piercing only’ businesses in Southern California. The longevity and evolution of JPT is based on a few simple principles: never stop improving, maintaining a spotless work environment, appreciation, kindness and professionalism towards ALL clients and always using the finest quality EVERYTHING!

Thank you Buddha for including me in your amazing family and Pro Team network, I can’t wait to see where the future takes us all..

Find John on social media @piercerjohn
Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Tiffany Diamond
I grew up in East Detroit, right on 'The Dime' aka, 10 Mile. My father was a legendary motorcycle builder, entrepreneur, infamous biker, and lover of custom jewelry. He ran his motorcycle shop out of our garage, along with our eccentric mother who maintains a relentless obsession for jewelry, fashion, and shoes.
I started piercing professionally in 1996. In April of 1997, I started working at a high-volume shop in Waterford. I continued working as their full-time piercer from 1997-2000. One notable exception is Fall/Winter of '98-'99 when I worked at Rings of Desire in New Orleans for pioneer piercer Elayne Angel. In April of 2000, my husband at the time and I opened Lady Luck Tattoo of Waterford. I am proud to say, for the 13 years that I was a co-owner of Lady Luck Tattoo, it maintained an excellent reputation and was voted ‘Best of Detroit’ numerous times.

On February 1st, 2014 I opened ‘DV8 Body Art’ as a sole proprietor and was featured in the body art issue of the ‘Metro Times’ only two weeks later. DV8 is grateful to have been voted “Best of Detroit” numerous years in a row by MetroTimes readers.

I have attended The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) annual conference in Las Vegas every year since 1999! Through interacting with best piercers in the world, exchanging ideas and information, I have learned a great deal about all aspects of body piercing. Maintaining these professional/social relationships helps me gain knowledge of new techniques and ideas to better serve my clients. I decided to become a member of The APP in 2007. I’ve taught at the APP Conference several years, the highlight being my ‘Modern Techniques for Female Genital Piercing’ class in 2017. My current studio, DV8 Body Art exceeds the environmental criteria set forth by the APP guidelines for membership.

I made an effort to be actively involved with the development of the county health laws for body modification in early 2000, and spoke at the public hearings. I have become a trusted and available resource to the health department. I accompanied my health inspector to a Parent/Teacher night at (now defunct) Pontiac Central High School, to discuss the importance of safe body art. I even convinced her to attend The APP conference! DV8 Body Art and Oakland County Health Department continue to have a excellent rapport. We continue to exceed the heath and safety standards required by law.

I have taken the time to educate others outside of conferences. I developed and conducted an inservice for the Oakland County Jail Clinic. Nurses and Sheriffs attended my 'Body Art Safety' presentation. During my time as a Red Cross instructor, I taught Bloodborne Pathogen classes to body art practitioners using industry specific information. I have even been interviewed for a doctoral thesis!

I have attended multiple courses that focus on the health and safety aspects of body piercing; Many of these were through Health Educators, Inc. These classes included: Theory of Advanced Piercing, Principles of Sterilization & Infection Control, Relevant Anatomy, and Aftercare Method & Theory. I have also taken courses that focus more on the technical aspect of certain piercings (including topics by Steve Hayworth), such as ‘Successful Surface to Surface Piercing’ and ‘Genital Beading’. In 2014, I attended a ‘Scarification’ course by Ron Garza in Los Angeles.

I attended the Fakir Intensives Courses in San Francisco: ‘Basic Piercing’ in 2009, ‘Advanced Piercing’ in 2010, and ‘Branding’ in 2011. Not only was it the most comprehensive training I have experienced but I found it truly enlightening. This school is unique in it's focus on energy, and instilling the importance of body art's heritage and spirituality. I was honored to be a guest instructor for Fakir Intensives in in Spring of 2011.

I have had the pleasure of taking piercing/ body art to the stage. Some of these wonderful experiences over the last 20+ years have included piercing Lucifire at Theatre Bizarre (during her Birthday Girl song), Voodoo piercing with Causing a Scene, bloodletting at Noir Leather's Hellbound, creating a “human harp” for the play ‘It Came From Planet B’, and corset piercing for The House of Pain.

I am a tattoo collector and frequently travel to get tattooed. During these excursions I take the opportunity to visit the top shops in that city. Often, when I have the opportunity, I’m doing guest spots at the most renowned studios in America. Traveling to these studios allows me to further my education, learning different types of clientele and regional trends. Don't be fooled...The best part is visiting my friends at their environment!

I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living, now for 25 years!! I really love people and I am very passionate about piercing. I feel the deep need to modify beautify, my body. My guess is that you feel that, too. I encourage you to give into that urge. I implore you to make it a meaningful experience and believe in magic of piercing.

Find Tiffany on social media @dv8bodyart

Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Beth McAdie
I work in a small town in the North East of Scotland, UK at a really great studio with a supportive and wonderful team. During my time at Reb3l i have had the opportunity to use really beautiful jewellery, primarily Buddha. I work in a medium volume studio, performing an average of 50-80 services per week.
I haven't always worked in such a great studio and like a lot of my peers when i started piercing in 2014 it wasn't in ideal conditions. Over time, through speaking with other piercers, attending conferences and a lot of hard work i feel I am finally reaching my full potential.

Buddha Jewelry is such an inspiring company to me, from the gorgeous designs, incredible turn around time and great customer service, to be affiliated with such an amazing team is an honour.

Find Beth on social media @piercings_by_beth

Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Lina Derks
I’ve been piercing for the past 10 years. I’m a very proud member of the APP and co-founder and member of APP Benelux. Always looking for new knowledge, piercing of course is my biggest passion.

Find Lina on social media @mastilostudios_bodypiercing
Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Anna Jimenez

My name is Anna and I’m a piercer in Lima, Peru. This has been a crazy and fast trip to the world of professional body piercing, I learned thanks to the best teachers that life has given me and the support of many people that I love. I like to make people happy with a new piercing, it makes me feel good to see their mood change. My favorite thing to do is ear piercings and septums. 

Find Anna on social media @annathepiercer
Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Maria Breezy

I fell in love with the industry and dreamt about being a part of it since I remember myself. I've been educating myself since the age of 13, and getting a lot of information from piercers around the world. At the time of my professional piercer career i've met my partner Liron and we tried together to be the best piercers, working only with the finest jewelries, and educating ourselves as much as we can I truly believe that piercing is self expression mixed with gorgeous fashion, and it must be done in the right way with the proper knowledge. That led us to open our own studio - Arceus, the first of it's kind in the north district of Israel And there's no way to be top notch without some Buddha Jewelry on display! 

Find Maria on social media @poisonberry_bodyart
Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Liron Smesdersman

I believe that body art is the highest form of self expression, it has to be done in a precise and accurate way with the right set of skills gained through hard work, study and exercise. No person is like the other, I don't believe in "just a piercing", the art that I wear on my self and the art that others come to us for is what makes us unique and special, starting from the chosen art than to the artist and than a fine performance that would put a shining face on the inner and outer self that's what I'm all about. 

Find Liron on social media @lirontheimpaler
Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Matthieu Kieffer

Hi my name is Matthieu! I have been piercing since 2016, and am currently Based in Montreal but have worked internationally in Belgium. One of the many things I feel passionate about as a piercer is making piercing safe and accessible to all, and cultivating space for my clients’ self expression. Having been lucky enough to get to know and love working with Buddha Jewelry’s products over the last few years, it is a huge honor to be a part of their Pro Team. One of the many things I love about Buddha Jewelry is that there truly is a unique piece for everyone, and thus I always feel confident recommending them to my clients.

Find Matthieu on social media @matt_black_piercings

Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Alex Christopher
Hi! My name is Alex Christopher; I own and operate Black Moon Piercing in Edison, New Jersey. I built Black Moon with my bare hands to be a safe haven for people that want to look at themselves in a mirror and feel happier about themselves. I pride myself on the precision of piercings and the best jewelry choices that fit your needs. Buddha Jewelry is the best choice of jewelry in my opinion because of the curvature that fits your anatomy, and has the most beautiful options to date! I also wholeheartedly believe that their staff is top notch to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Asking me to be apart of the Pro-Team is definitely one of the coolest experiences I have had through my years of study and practice in this field. Everything I do is for my beautiful daughter & my wife and they have pushed me to be the man I am today. I hope to always have them proud of me, and I hope to always serve justice to Buddha and the whole team moving forward. Thanks to everyone. 

Find Alex on social media @AlexChrist0pher 

Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Sara Man

I’m Sara! I am a Hong Kong native that spent my adolescence growing up in Canada. I fell in love with body piercing in my early tees and it has been a passionate affair ever since! I have been professionally piercing for the last seven years in Hong Kong and part of that journey has been made infinitely more beautiful by the wonderful team at Buddha Jewelry! I am ecstatic to be joining their pro team!

Find Sara on social media @sarapiercedme 

Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Tenn

Hello. My name is Tenn. I have been piercing for about five years now, and I am the owner of a brand new shop called Black Jade Studio located in Tamarac, Florida. I love being a piercer and everything that comes with it. I love providing my clients with beautiful, high-end fine jewelry and seeing the smiles on their faces. It’s a blessing to me to be able to provide my community with quality jewelry at an affordable price. I am always eager to continue my education, that's why I am always attending seminars and doing online webinars to sharpen my skills and techniques.

I want to give thanks to Buddha Jewelry for giving me an opportunity to be a part of their team!

Find Tenn on social media @piercingsbytenn 

Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Ramon Carrion

Hello everyone! My name is Ramon Carrion (Ramontribe) for my local public! I am a Professional body piercer and Owner of Body Art Gallery, the first piercing-only shop in Puerto Rico. We are located in the Prominent Metro/touristic area of Condado in San Juan! My career spans 11 years of experience learning, growing and expanding my skills to provide my clients with the best service and jewelry such as Buddha Jewelry. I personally like to treat my clients to freehand treatment, because safety and comfort are my main goals when I provide my services to my clients.

Find Ramon on social media at @ramontribe

Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Lucas Menendez

My name Is Lucas Menéndez, also known as Kraneo. I'm 25-years-old and I live on the tropical island of  Puerto Rico. I've been professionally piercing for a little over 2 years now, and I've been learning about body piercing and human anatomy for over the course of 5 years! I work at Body Art Gallery with my best friend and mentor Ramon Carrion, whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for over 8 years. Together we came up with the idea of opening a safe and fancy jewelry piercing shop -  that's what Body Art Gallery stands for! Whenever I'm not piercing I’m learning and keeping up with new techniques and ways to always improve in my field so that I can assure I can give all of my clients the best and safest experience in the safest environment possible.

Find Lucas on social media @_kraneo_


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Brittany Davidson

I fell in love with the piercing industry when I studied a diploma of beauty therapy in 2008. From there, I solely wanted to grow and expand my skill set in the piercing industry. Employed for many years, I went out on my own and started “The Hills Piercing Studio” in 2018. I love having my own small business, which allows me to focus on what I love, specialize in certain piercings, and work with fabulous high-end gold suppliers such as BJO. I became an AuPP member in 2019 and I am always looking forward to continued growth and learning with the piercing community and industry.

Find Brittany on social media @TheHillsPiercingStudio


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Laura Rein

I’m Laura Rein, owner of Luna Piercing and Fine jewelry in Connecticut. Luna prides itself on being a place where safety and respect come first- in the piercing room and out, and I’m so proud of what my team and I have built. Since starting my career in 2011, I’ve had many industry and non-industry friends, peers, and teachers guiding me towards becoming who I am today: an APP member, mentor, Applied Jewelry Professional and continuing GIA student, (Graduate gemologist here I come!) and I am the current head piercer of a very gold-forward studio. In my down time you can find me on the shop’s social media, (I’m always down to talk jewelry!), making weird art, or daydreaming about camping. My favorite Buddha Jewelry pieces are the Tempeste clicker, the Valentina end, or anything with Mercury Mist Topaz!

Find Laura on social media @lauralovesmetal


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Kookie Lynn


I’ve been wearing and using Buddha jewelry since 2015 and I’ve always loved the brand for their quality craftsmanship and innovative designs. I appreciate their enthusiastic approach to creating jewelry collections and always look forward to new releases. The ordering process is simple, turn around times are a breeze and the packaging is always fun. I can always depend on consistently good customer service from the same great reps that I’ve been working with for the past 5 years. As a conscientious consumer and piercer, being ethically aligned with the companies I support and present to my clients, is of the utmost importance to me. Buddha Jewelry’s advocacy for racial equality and social justice relays how much they care about their audience and their impact on the industry. With the rapid progression and expansion of body piercing, we must recognize our roots, and continuously disrupt complicity in our industry. I am very proud to support Buddha Jewelry and continue this work as a member of the Pro-team!

Find Kookie on social media @piercedbykookie


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Luis Cuba Perez

Luis “Cuba” Perez is a Chicago Piercer from El Salvador. He owns Fundamental Body Piercing Company. It’s the culmination of 20 years of experience combined with passion for the industry for as long as he can remember! You can find him there curating the jewelry selection to reflect his high standards and industry knowledge. The studio aims to give each client a hands-on and personalized service, both of which are Cuba’s and his apprentice Daisy’s specialties! Come stop on by next time you’re in Chicago!

Find Cuba on social media @fundamental_piercing 



Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Dannielle Greenwood


Having spent the past 14 years creating a role for myself in an industry that views “Piercer” to be the top rung on the ladder, I’m so excited to see more and more folks recognizing the value capable and passionate counter staff/managers/jewelry specialists can mean for the success and health of a studio. I feel incredibly lucky to have spent most of my career working at a studio that has embraced me expanding my interests into responsibilities, the top one being all things jewelry; working with amazing manufacturers, cultivating a beautiful and unique selection of options, and helping clients find jewelry they’re truly excited to wear and cherish for a lifetime! Every day comes with new designs to fall in love with, gemstones to learn about, and custom pieces to help create and I can’t wait to see what comes next *jazzhands emoji*

Find Dannielle on social media @dannzilla


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Bryan Gutierrez

I’m Bryan, Chilean body piercer based in Lima Peru! I’ve been piercing for 6 years now. Since November 2019 I’ve been working at Stefano’s Tattoo with the best body jewelry companies from around the globe. I love adorning facial piercings with gold jewelry, they always look great!

Find Bryan on social media @modify.yourself


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Israel Olivares

Hi! My name is Israel and I have been doing piercings for 6 years. I’m from Chile, but actually work in Perú at Stefano's Tattoo Gallery. I like to do minimalistic piercing projects, but also enjoy using big jewelry tops to create movement and harmony unique to that persons’ anatomy.

Find Israel on social media @israthepiercer


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Meli Palacios

I’m Meli! I’ve been a piercer for almost 20 years. I love to make people happy and with every piercing I do, I love to make them feel brave, special, and empowered. :)

Find Meli on social media @melipiercer


Pro Team Member Jamie Guerrine

 I’m Jaime, Co-founder of Rocky Mountain Tattoo (Canada) and owner of Soul Piercing Ltd. I’ve recently opened up my second studio in beautiful Kelowna, BC, the heart of Canadian wine country. I have a love of travel, an obsession with obscenely large dogs, and an affinity towards anything plant-related. I’m also a practicing registered nurse. Despite my devotion to nursing, I found that it alone didn't feed my creative spirit in a way that left me feeling truly fulfilled. While it afforded my inquisitive brain a knowledge of anatomy & healing, comfort in performing invasive procedures, and a unique perspective on the human experience; it was piercing that gifted me an avenue to express myself creatively, hone my attention to detail, and helped me to build beauty, fortitude, and confidence in others. Loquacity aside, my business model is simple; to create an inclusive, high-end studio experience using only the finest body jewelry on the market. Buddha Jewelry has helped make this goal achievable, and working with them has been nothing short of a pleasure. I’m honored and proud to be a member of their Pro Team.

Find Jamie on social media @soulpiercing  


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Selina Ryan

Hey! I'm Selina Ryan! I have been involved in this industry for over a decade now! Starting as counter staff at a past shop, working my way up to manager, and eventually working through a self-motivated apprenticeship, I have been fully licensed for almost 8 years now! During that time I have committed to creating a safe space to practice body art with intention and continued education. I truly enjoy working with everyone’s unique anatomy, goals, and ideas! I feel truly blessed to work with my clients in helping bring sovereignty and adornment to their bodies.

I love working with Buddha Jewelry because clients LOVE it! From its high quality appearance, unique designs, longevity, affordability, and lifetime guarantee - it’s an investment that always leaves a smile :)

Find Selina on social media @selina.n.ryan 


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Raechelle Bolin

 I am an apprentice body piercer that is dedicated to showcasing the alternative BIPOC community. I love getting to connect and have clients get a piercing that they feel represents them. I am currently apprenticing under another Pro Team member, Selina Ryan! She's been able to teach me so much. I have attended the 2019 APP conference and took their online courses to further my education. I fell in love with Buddha's designs instantly. The possibilities for arrangements is endless and can really accent anyone's look. I am so excited that I was thought of to join this team with so many other amazing people in the industry. With each day, I am blessed to share my love of this industry with others and I can't wait to add some sparkle to the world!

Find Raechelle on social media @raechelle.gabrielle


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Taylor Bell

Hey y’all! My name is Taylor Bell and I have been a professional piercer for just over 8 years now. Originally, I began piercing in Connecticut for about 6 years, and now I work in New York. The reason why I became a body piercer is because I absolutely love making other people happy in their bodies. Nothing is better than seeing that big smile on a client after getting their first look at a new piece of jewelry or new piercing on themselves. And, of course, getting to look at beautiful jewelry all day! The wonderful people at Buddha Jewelry discovered me around 2016 in my old tiny studio and I’ve worked with them over the years. Thanks to them I have grown into the piercer I am today. They have given me so many life experiences and knowledge of body art that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’m ever thankful that they let me join their Pro Team and continue to represent Buddha Jewelry.

Find Taylor on social media @tfhb


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Krista Breault

I grew up in upstate New York in a town called Saratoga springs. I started as a piercer in late September of 2014, and eventually went on my own and really found my niche. I have made so many friends and valued clients in my industry. I strive to do the best piercings with the highest quality jewelry. I want to provide a comfortable and memorable experience for my clients and help adorn them with jewelry that best suits them according to their anatomy!

Find Krista on social media @KristathePiercer


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Mai Fortier

I started my piercing journey in 2009 and have pierced both in Quebec City and out west in Alberta- with a 2-year break to make a small human! My favorite thing is to match jewelry with someone's anatomy, I love finding that one piece that was made for you! I want my clients to not only be shiny and heal well, but to feel special and safe and have a good time. Je parle Français and English. I  have been to multiple APP conventions, am BBP certified, and will never stop learning! Most of all, I look forward to meeting you!

Find Mai on social media @maiifortier


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Nathan Peterson

Hi, my name is Nathan Peterson and I own and pierce at Nathan’s Tattoos & Piercings in Canoga Park, CA. I’ve been piercing professionally since 1993 and am the longest continual piercer in the LA area. My shop is also one of the longest continually running piercing departments in the LA area! I love piercing and I love teaching others how to pierce. I’ve been fortunate enough to take on almost 30 apprentices in my piercing career and love to see how they’ve branched out and grown in the industry. One of our shop ethos is that EVERYONE deserves quality piercings (or tattoos) and we strive to meet the needs of everyone who walks through our door to do our part to foster and encourage inclusivity. Buddha Jewelry is a great jewelry company to work with. We move a lot of their jewelry and appreciate their cutting-edge designs along with the quality of their threadless pins. They’re friendly, reliable, and we can’t keep their jewelry in stock at our shop! I’m proud to be a part of the Buddha Jewelry Pro Team and can’t wait to introduce you to the rest of my team and help you when you come in to visit us for your next piercing!

Find Nathan on social media @n8s_piercings


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Ashley Herron

 Hi! My name is Ashley and I own Diamond In the Rough in Mansfield, Ohio. I strive to be the best piercer I can in this everchanging industry! I've been apart of the industry for 17 years and it is truly one of my life's biggest loves. Picking beautiful pieces of jewelry for people's aesthetic and curations is my favorite thing to do! 

Find Ashley on social media @bornclumsy


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Laurent Mignot

I have been a passionate body piercer and shop owner since 1998, when I decided to quit science and microbiology studies in order to dedicate my life to body art. I was lucky to witness many major changes in the industry over the past 20 years and was always involved to provide the highest standards in safety, techniques, and quality jewelry. This is why I am super enthusiastic to be a part of the Buddha Jewelry Pro Team! The brand not only carries strong values that I reflect, but also creates some of the most astonishing pieces of jewelry a piercer can dream of!

I am the owner of the studio Aenima, based in Paris, France, which is a place I also created to support animal rights, as I am also a Sea Shepherd member and animal lover.

I mostly work with freehand technique and my favorite piercings are by far all ear piercings projects, from the simplest to the most challenging!

Find Laurent on social media @aenima.piercing


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Brandon Bailey

Brandon Bailey is a professional body piercer from Morgantown, WV. Since starting his piercing career in 2002, Brandon has prided himself on using quality jewelry, sterile techniques, and giving every one of his clients a safe and positive experience.

Find Brandon on social media @brandonbaileypiercing


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Joseph Bourisaw

Growing up, I did not have many hobbies, I had BME. I spent hours browsing the website, uploading photos of my ear stretching journey to get free access to other sections of the site to curb my curiosity. It was not until I was twenty-two years old that I had the opportunity to actually apprentice at a busy studio outside of St. Louis, Missouri, where immediately afterwards I was thrown to the wolves as the head piercer for seven years. I then decided to move into a van to travel the country. After two years of traveling and piercing at various studios in Washington, I had the opportunity to move to Taos, New Mexico. I quickly realized the lack of a safe place and quality jewelry for piercings in the community, so I set out to create the only high-quality private studio in Taos with a mission to provide a safe and educational environment in northern New  Mexico.

Find Joseph on social media @oldpinecollective


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Justin

I'm a piercer from Minnesota, and have been piercing since 2015! Piercing has been a passion of mine my whole life. I enjoy expressing my creativity with piercing projects, and I love being able to help my clients adorn their body with the finest of jewelry!

Find Justin on social media @piercerjustin


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Nicholle Baskerville

Hi! I'm Nicholle and I'm the owner of Pixel Piercing inside of Black Card Tattoo Collective in KCMO! I have been piercing since 2012 and only use APP Standard jewelry. I'm proudly the only luxury studio in the Greater Kansas City area. I love working with clients unique anatomy, as no body is the same. Creating one-of-a-kind ear curations using a variety of jewelry styles based on my clients personal style, budget and goals is a personal favorite! I strive to make every piercing session the best for my clients. I'm known around town as the "Kid Piercer of KC" which is such an honor and I'm beyond thrilled to help bring amazing experiences to both children AND adults! When I'm not adorning peoples bodies with beautiful jewelry, I am spending time with my family (newest addition in 2021!) playing video games, doing crafts or drawing.

Buddha Jewelry is such an amazing company to work with. Their quality and craftsmanship of their jewelry is just superb. I've been ordering from them for years and have been a Pro Team Member for a few years now and have always had the greatest experiences with them. They are kind, a joy to work with and speak to. I love their ethics and what they stand for with their company, that's a big thing for me when I decide what brands to carry in my studio. The designs they create are classic, elegant and very versatile for multiple placements for all types of unique anatomy!

Find Nicholle on social media @PixelPiercing


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Jay McColm

Hi everybody! My name is Jay and I’ve been piercing since 2006. I’ve worked at a number of shops across the US and Canada. I’m currently working at Tattoo Galaxy in Willow Grove, PA and have been piercing in the greater Philadelphia area for the past 10+ years.

It’s always important to have a good experience when getting a piercing. I strive to make sure that happens by offering beautiful jewelry in a friendly and safe environment. Buddha Jewelry makes some of my favorite jewelry in the industry and I’m excited to be part of their Pro Team!

Find Jay on social media @PiercerJay


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Vicki Rose

Vicki Rose has been a body piercer since 2007 whose favorite piercings to perform involve adorning ears with multiple piercings or highlighting unique anatomy. Vicki started in Virginia and currently pierces in Manhattan, NYC at Studio 28 Tattoos. Vicki prides themself on creating a safe space for all individuals to get pierced while holding the highest of standards of up to date industry techniques and fine body jewelry. When you can’t find Vicki piercing they are probably watching a drag show, eating baked goods, or snowboarding!

Find Vicki on social media @vickirosepiercing


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Kirsten Janusewski

Hey there! My name is Kirsten and I pierce at Studio 28 in New York City. 
I am originally from Pennsylvania, but I have called New York my home since 2016. I attend the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) Conference annually to keep myself up to date with techniques and all piercing related education. My love for gemstones and jewelry led me to become an Applied Jewelry Professional (AJP) through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). 
Connecting with each of my clients and helping them through their special piercing experience is very important to me. I love creating multiple ear piercing projects to fit each individuals’ style and accenting unique anatomy with gorgeous jewelry. Seeing my clients face light up after seeing their new piercings is what I look most forward to.
In my free time, you can often find me snuggled up with my cats while watching all the bad horror movies. I also enjoy exploring abandoned areas and taking in new surroundings.

Find Kirsten on social media @ech0bella


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Eyal Menahem

I originally started practicing body piercing around 2014 when I opened up my first ever shop, Club Ink - Tattoo & Piercing. I learned the basics and went on to be the shop piercer for several years after that. The next step in my professional journey came in 2019 when I closed down my tattoo shop and went on to co-found Clean Cut - Body Piercing & Fine Jewelry, which is the first and currently only piercing-only shop in Israel. I'm always looking to know more, learn, and improve as a piercer and strive to always give my clients a pleasant, safe experience, and beautiful piercings.

Find Eyal on social media @e.m.piercing


Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Liron Mor

I've been piercer for 15 years now, I am the founder of the first body suspension team in Israel, (the "Suicide Team,") and I am co-founder of the first piercing-only shop in Israel; Clean Cut - Body Piercing & Fine Jewelry. As a professional, I believe in providing a fair and reliable customer service with the right knowledge and guidance for every customer; and I do love to design ears by matching the right jewel in the right anatomy!

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Gabriel Hilderbrand

Hey folks, my name is Gabe. I am a piercer and manager at Zebra Tattoo and Body piercings. I have been with the company for 6 years, managing for three, and piercing for a year and a half. I have always had a major obsession for body piercings and jewelry in all forms. Now I get to decorate people for a living and that means the world to me!

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Dominic Pierrce

Hello, my name is Dominic Pierrce! I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I’ve been active in the body art industry since 2010. I’m known for my love of curating ears, but more specifically for performing daith piercings! One of the most important parts of clients’ visits with me is helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry to complement their unique anatomy, and/or their current jewelry arrangement! I’m a huge jewelry nerd and have always loved piercing with Buddha Jewelry, so I’m very grateful to be a part of their pro team!

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Charly Lowe

I've been piercing professionally for 5 years, this year I opened the first luxury piercing studio in Lafayette IN and it has been a dream come true. I became the first female body piercer in my town and surrounding areas, to become a member of the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) Before that I worked on education in Salt Lake City and Portland. Made my way back home and its been all up hill from there!

I consider myself a fashion enthusiast. I’m always checking the latest trends on social media or in magazines. I love the fact that I work in the fashion industry in such a unique way. My first passion is body piercing, second is fashion, and third is design! It’s really cool I get to incorporate all of my passions into one practice. I’ve worked really hard making a name for fashion body piercing in my town and I know it’s going to be more hard work maintaining that reputation and name- I look forward to every minute of it! Work is definitely my favorite hobby, but social media comes to a close second. In addition to body piercing and social media, I would say I’m the most adventurous cook out of my friends group. I’m always inviting them over for a new creation!

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Francisco De Leon

Hello! My name is Francisco. I’m an APP member currently working at 23rd Street Body Piercing in Oklahoma City, but I started my piercing journey in Puerto Rico back in 2012. I’m very passionate about piercing and excited to see how much more this industry can grow. My favorite things to pierce are septums and daiths,  but I find myself curating ears more often. I’m grateful to be a part of this pro team.

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Mandolynne Hopkins

Mandolynne's passion for piercing began over 20 years ago. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts with her thesis focused on body modification and at the time, if you can believe it, it was difficult to find models! She attended her first APP conference almost 15 years ago; in an industry that was dominated by men, she was drawn to the powerful women who inspired her. A few short months later, she moved to Atlanta and sought out a formal apprenticeship with the outgoing APP president. No stranger to hard work, and not going to let anything stand in the way of her dreams, she worked full-time at Microsoft while completing a thorough apprenticeship until she was able to jump into making her career in piercing.  She moved to NY five years ago where, with her partner, Kaspa, they recently opened Amulet Arts - Long Island's premier body piercing studio.  When they aren't piercing, they pierce some more; since they also run Skindicate Suspensions, an East Coast performance based body-suspension team.  Constantly learning, most recently, they've completed the Applied Jewelry Professional program with the Gemological Institute of America.  Mandolynne has been a business member of the APP going on ten years now. She still believes that piercing is math, art and science all rolled into one, and she revels in making people feel their best, most authentic sparkly self!  ( On another note, they have the cutest little puppy dog you EVER did see!  See for yourself @pom_on_wheels)

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Kaspa

Kaspa is a self-taught piercer who started piercing in 2000. He is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers and a GIA AJP Graduate. Along with his partner, Mandolynne, they are co-founders of Long Island's premier high-end piercing studio, Amulet Arts, located on Long Island in the Village of Patchogue, New York. When he is not piercing or slinging bling you can catch him playing video games, watching cartoons with his best friend on 4 legs, Capers, or working on body suspensions with his team Skindicate Suspensions.  A lover of gold and shiny stones, Kaspa has found his home with Buddha Jewelry.

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Mike Kaufman

Hi everyone, I'm Mike and I work at Cowpok in Buffalo, New York. I began my piercing journey about 6 years ago in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. During my apprenticeship I had the opportunity to meet Fakir Musafar and my life changed forever. After spending just a week at his intensive training program I knew that the rest of my working life would be dedicated to learning how to create a tailored experience for my clientele so they could leave the studio feeling sparkly, fancy, and empowered. In 2017 I moved to Buffalo and found an amazing group of people who helped me sharpen those skills and also introduced me to Buddha Jewelry. It was love at first sight. I quickly began building a personal collection of Buddha Jewelry and it has remained one of my favorite companies to use when curating a sparkly and fancy look for all the unique people who walk through our door.

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Rena Luck

Hi! My name is Rena and I’ve been piercing at Envy Body Piercing for 4 years. My favorite things to do are fun, creative ear projects. I love using colorful stone and gold combinations together to create beautiful, unique-to-you jewelry outfits that help you sparkle and shine like you were meant to!
My favorite thing about piercing is being able to facilitate that look of self recognizance and joy when a guest of mine sees their new piercing. I’m so excited to be a part of the Buddha Jewelry Pro Team and continue to provide the best jewelry and piercings available!

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Danielle Lauren

I started my career in 2011, but I fell in love with body piercing long before that. For me, it’s a therapeutic form of self expression that has helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin. I love helping clients adorn their bodies and watching them fall in love with parts of themselves that they may or may not have loved before, as well as marking milestones in their lives. Being able to relate to and connect with my clients on a personal level is something that I hold close to my heart. Body piercing is my first love and I’m so grateful for the journey it has taken me on.

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Yesi Marquez

Hi, My name is Yesi. I have been piercing since 2013 and have been exclusive to Envy since 2015. I love working with gold jewelry and precious stones. Stacking and statement pieces are my jam, and I love curating delicate works of art. I am honored and excited to be a part of the Buddha Pro Team and to continue curating using the finest jewelry!  

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Dee Norman

Hi! My name is Dee and I've been piercing in the LA area for over 15 years. I love curating ears and making people smile and jump up and down at how cute their new piercings look! I take great pride in the work that I do and look forward to many more years of providing a safe space for clients to adorn their bodies.

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Joshua Campbell

I started my piercing journey in 2009 in Oklahoma City, OK. From there, I traveled and had the pleasure and honor of working at some beautiful studios. I have been able to learn and develop my skills as a professional throughout each experience! I now reside in wonderful Ann Arbor, Michigan at Ideal Body Piercing, installing as much Buddha Jewelry as possible!

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Jake Collins

Hello! I’m Jake and I’ve been piercing for just about three years now. I love having the opportunity to make people smile every day and I believe that connecting with each client and providing excellent, safe, and memorable experiences is the most important aspect of body piercing. I’m proud to do this to the best of my abilities everyday at Ideal Body Piercing in downtown Ann Arbor.
Buddha Jewelry is an amazing company that cares about everybody’s wellbeing and fair treatment, and I agree with all of their ideals regarding these issues wholeheartedly.  It means a lot to me to have the chance to work with the awesome individuals here and I’m so stoked to be a member of the Pro Team!

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Michaela Clarke

My name is Michaela Clarke. I am the head piercer and owner of Siren Body Piercing here in the lakeside village of beautiful Meredith, New Hampshire. I have been piercing professionally since 2011 and officially opened Siren Body Piercing in 2016.As a piercer I strive for beauty and precision in everything I do. I am a proud member of the Association of Professional Body Piercers (APP) and a Fakir Intensives Alumni. I absolutely love learning and knowing that my abilities allow me to make each and every piercing I perform the best it can be. I pride myself on giving my clients the best possible piercing experience from the second they step into my studio, and offering the absolute highest quality jewelry available is a huge part of that equation.
This is one of the many reasons I am so excited to be a part of the Buddha Jewelry Pro Team. Every piece of jewelry they make is meticulously crafted and always meets (or far exceeds) my high standards. Their designs are unique and dazzling and my clients love them! I love the fast turn around times and top-notch customer service. Thank you for this humbling opportunity and I’m so excited to see what the future brings!

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Len Gherardi

I started apprenticing at age 18 and just celebrated my 10-year anniversary. I opened my own studio at age 23 and have been working on improving and evolving the studio ever since. I love doing “basic” cartilage piercings but taking it to the next level with jewelry that suits my clients’ anatomy. Buddha Jewelry designs make that super easy!

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Bryan Jackson

Hi, my name is Bryan! I've been a Body Piercer for over 5 years now and work out of Diamond Heart Studios in Flemington, New Jersey. I was a teenager when my interest in body modification started when my friend group and I decided to stretch our ears at the same time. It seems almost silly looking back, but that pivotal moment ended up with me falling down a rabbit hole of body modification online and that enthusiasm is still only growing in me. Within my practice one of my favorite things continues to be helping individuals adorn themselves in ways unique to their body's individual anatomy. I'm constantly looking for ways to help my clients feel more comfortable in hopes that this will allow for a wider audience of people to express themselves through body modification.

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Mia Snyder

As a piercer I feel honored and humbled every time someone trusts me to facilitate their body modifications. I truly love the feeling of helping someone achieve their ideal aesthetic, especially if it is a more intimidating piercing for them. I feel very lucky to call piercing my career.

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Emily Bradley

My name is Emily. I have been piercing for 10 years. I own and run Asgards Body Piercing Studio in Australia's capital. I enjoy what I do, but most of all, I love running my own business. Piercing with high quality jewelry and designing people’s ears is so much fun! My favorite thing to do is curated ears and I have built a really good reputation for it over the last couple of years- business is booming!

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Steeve Easley

Steeve began his journey into the world of body piercing in the fall of 1999, when he was still a minor. After a turbulent and almost nonexistent apprenticeship, and a few years of bouncing back and forth between Iowa and Minnesota, he moved to Iowa City, Iowa in 2003, and has been piercing on the same block ever since.  Starting there as a part time piercer in a tattoo studio, he quickly moved his way up through the ranks, and became a partner/co-owner of said tattoo shop in early 2005, at 21 years old. This is also when he had the ability and control to start creating a market for higher quality body jewelry in the area, where there was none before.  After a few years of running the piercing side of that tattoo studio, the decision was made to separate the two services, and Steeve moved everything pertaining to piercings to the vacant unit two doors down, and opened Release Body Piercing, where he’s been ever since!
Release has been a piercing & fine jewelry boutique for over a decade, and has recently expanded into offering laser tattoo removal, which Steeve has been certified in since the beginning of 2015. 
Aside from being a piercer, he is also a facilitator of body suspension, which is one of his greatest passions in life. Not only does he practice suspension, but also travels the world instructing numerous seminars pertaining to the craft. In 2017, the Dallas SusCon awarded him their Lifetime Achievement Award. Only a handful of people were ever given this award, and not only was he the very last to ever receive it, he was also the youngest. 

In addition to owning/operating Release, Steeve teaches yoga; having his RYT200 hour, and steadily working towards his 500 hour certification. He is an avid animal lover, and his other passions include stone carving and rock climbing.

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Nikki Lloyd-Proctor

Being a piercer who openly advocates for high standards in the UK industry meant choosing to stock Buddha Jewelry Organics was a decision that needed no questioning.

I started with a few little bits which barely got a minute to settle in the cabinet, not long after that clients were reserving items before I'd even recieved my shipments and as each new launch approached the realisation came that every piece was just made to complement the rest and they all belonged together so I started growing my collection which has resulted in making me Scotlands largest stockist of Buddha Jewelry. 

BJO are a jewellery company who offer not only opulent looking jewellery but outstanding quality jewellery, I love the natural gemstones in the collections, the art deco styles are my current favourites. From a professional standpoint, I find the pin fixings really easy to adjust for a secure fit, with quality compatible bars, and the clicker rings just feel so solid it gives me and my clients reassurance that care to design and making has been thorough.

I am so so grateful to be lucky to stock BJO and to be asked to be part of their family of industry professionals in a Pro Team, who share similar values when it comes to piercing and jewellery standards, makes me feel seen and like a part of something bigger than just me, its a beautiful community and I am grateful to be here.

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Codi Canasa 

This industry has blessed me, way more than I could ever give it back! But that isn't going to stop me from trying! My name is Codi and I am the owner and Head Piercer of Agape Body Piercings, located in a little state known as Delaware! I started way back in 2011, selling body jewelry at one of those little carts in the mall. I moved my business into a local studio where the owner asked if I ever considered becoming a piercer there was not a single female piercer in our state, at the time. I have now been piercing since 2012 and love serving my community! I opened Agape 3 months prior to a global pandemic and spend every single day of my life grateful to have made it through! My life consists of faith, family, fashion, and FOOD (pizza being supreme.) I was born in the Philippines and learned from a young age that NOTHING is impossible if you believe and put your trust into the right things! I love the piercing world so much! We get to change people's lives with what we do and there is no greater gift in life than that impact! Thank you BJO for this opportunity and I hope to bring a fresh sense of gratitude and purpose in all that we do together! Be Blessed and NEVER STOP SMILING!

Buddha Jewelry has been such a vital component to the success of my studio!  Their customer service is UNBELIEVABLE!  Their consistency and availability is UNMATCHED!  And their all around culture of adding value to every facet of our industry is truly a blessing!  They actually care about my studio!  They have given me invaluable insight and guidance when it comes to how to best promote and create content around our jewelry and services.  They are truly an "ABOVE AND BEYOND" company !! Thank you for being you <3

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Buddha Jewelry Pro Team Member Alexis Silva

Alexis Silva is the owner and founder of Stay True Body Piercing. Originally from Portugal, he has been piercing professionally since 2012 and operating Stay True since 2014. Alexis is a proud APP member and is dedicated to perfecting his craft by continuing his piercing education and staying up to date with industry standards. Alexis has a way of making everyone that comes through the door feel welcome. It is his goal to make sure every client knows what to expect during their visit and throughout the healing process, and leaves informed and excited about their new piercing. 

Buddha Jewelry is an incredible company, making jewelry that the industry has needed for a long time. Their pins and hinges are high quality, and their designs take so many influences whether you're looking for something chic, modern, Victorian, subtle, or flashy they cater to everyone. Stay True always carries an expansive collection of Buddha pieces and is proud to be part of the BJO Pro Team.

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