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 “We at Luna are huge fans of Buddha Jewelry. Both our clients and staff wear their pieces proudly! Their pins are sturdy and durable, and the hinge closure on their clickers lacks the wobble that some other gold companies have. They snap closed securely and stay put. All of these things make insertion at home by our clients much easier, and means that in the years we’ve been carrying their gold products, we’ve never had a failed pin or hinge closure. We’ve been grateful time and time again for all the help that our Buddha reps have given us, both in studio and online. Their price points mean we’re selling more beautiful pieces than ever, and everything ships so fast! Thanks for everything Buddha!“  

Luna Piercing + Fine Body Jewelry - Vernon, CT 

“I have been working with Buddha Jewelry for about a year now and I am very satisfied and happy with their jewelry. Every piece I have received from them has been flawless; The gold pieces are high quality and polish on the jewelry is A+. The shine on the Swarovski crystals is spectacular,  and the threadless pins are very sturdy and durable. I will always carry Buddha Jewelry in my shop, especially because I know they support people of color and are not scared to speak up against racism. Support people who support you!!”

Tenn - Piercing By Tenn at Black Jade - Pompano Beach, FL  “Watching Buddha Jewelry Organics step into the world of high end solid gold jewelry and pretty much immediately become a powerhouse of design, quality, and great customer service has been incredible. Working with them has been nothing but easy and pleasant; they’ve always been very receptive to feedback and constructive criticism, and always ready to answer any and all questions I’ve had. Knowing that their pieces are not only stunning, but thoroughly and vigorously tested before being released allows me to have full confidence that what I’m selling to my clients will stand the test of time - and in the instance that something DOES happen, the folks at BJO have my back with quick and hassle-free returns/repairs. I’ve also been continually pleased to see this company sticking to their pledge of showcasing diversity in their advertising; after a lifetime of being bombarded with the same thin, white, cis faces and bodies over and over it truly is fantastic to see more folks refusing to fall into that cycle!”

Danny Greenwood - Jewelry Specialist at Cold Steel America - San Francisco, CA

"Here at Lucky's, we love working with Buddha Jewelry Organics! All of the solid gold designs are super fashionable, innovative, and made with excellent craftsmanship - not to mention they all have an amazing price point that is accessible for clients from all walks of life. One of the biggest reasons we love the threadless ends is that the pins allow for lots of control while bending them, while also remaining very sturdy once in a piercing. The hinges on their gorgeous clicker designs are both discreet and secure, and clients adore the elegantly bling-y styles. We absolutely can't get enough of their delicate and unique chains, which, again, have an incredible price point. The stones in every type of jewelry are always set beautifully and it's rare that we ever have to send a piece back for repair. Their turn around times are always quick, and their communication regarding jewelry questions, orders, and shipping is top notch!

On the customer service side, Buddha's dedication and enthusiasm is apparent in every interaction we've had with them. From in-person visits, emails, and social media conversations, the owners and employees are always nothing short of fantastic, and happy to help with literally anything we need. They take the time to really get to know the owners, piercers, and counter staff of the shops they work with, and are always so lovely to talk to. We really can't recommend Buddha enough!"

Lilly Young - Jewelry Specialist at Lucky's Tattoo and Piercing - Boston + Northampton MA

“When it comes to anything gold, Buddha Jewelry has quickly become my go-to. The consistently top notch quality of their jewelry and attentive customer service has made working with them a dream.  Despite carrying a variety of high end, industry-leading brands in our studio, Buddha's designs have been a consistent favorite. It’s rare a day goes by that I don’t have someone (whether staff or clientele) drooling over one of their pieces- especially those clickers!
Their line, ranging from beautifully simple to stunningly opulent, allows me to provide for nearly every demographic while still upholding a high end studio standard, and makes curating special projects a breeze.
Aside from being simply beautiful, (and much more importantly to me as a business owner,) is the confidence I have knowing that each piece is built to last. This, in turn, allows me to build and maintain an invaluable trusting relationship with each client. To date I’ve never had any Buddha gold arrive in a state anything short of perfect, and have never had a piece returned in need of repair. That, to me, speaks volumes!” 

Jaime Guerre,- Head piercer at Rocky Mountain Tattoo - Kelowna, BC

"Our clients mean the world to us and come in looking for quality and luxury. BJO has it all.The designs are stunning and literally sell themselves, the craftsmanship in each piece is exceptional with a very reasonable price point.  There's never been a problem with pins breaking or unpolished pieces. Their clickers are a must-have, our clients even ask for them by name! We get amazing service and communication from BJO which is also a priority when we buy. We're looking forward to seeing what the future brings for them!

Luis Perez (Cuba) - Owner + Piercer, Fundamental Body Piercing - Chicago, IL

 “I love using Buddha Jewelry because it's not only beautiful, high polish, and high quality, but I know it's going to be secure in my client's piercings! The pins and hinges are so strong that when I snap or click it in place, I know it's going to stay there. This gives me great confidence in selling their jewelry because I know my clients would actually have to try to be able to remove it. They also have a fantastic guarantee and exceptional customer service! Thank you, BJO, for being so great to work with!”

 Shandra Swilling - Head Piercer at Mom’s Tattoo - Spokane, WA

"Design, craftsmanship, and useability are the first things I look for when selecting body jewelry. A beautifully designed solid gold threadless end isn’t so great when it’s barely secure and falls out of the post. Gold clickers can easily break and be difficult to use if the hinge is too loose or if it’s too difficult to click into place. It’s surprisingly hard to find this sort of quality in solid gold clickers and threadless ends.  Buddha Jewelry Organics makes beautiful pieces that actually work! The pins for the threadless ends are consistent and not flimsy. The clickers have a well-placed hinge that makes it easy to open and close while still staying secure. Whether you’re a piercer or not, the threadless ends and clickers are easy to use.  Let’s not forget about how amazing the designs look! There’s so much attention to detail, right down to the way the gems are set. I love being able to offer genuine stones to clients and there are plenty to choose from. The gold threadless ends, both simple and ornate, are a best seller in the shop. I end up buying something for myself almost every time I order.

It’s nice to have a jewelry company that I can count on. I can definitely count on Buddha Jewelry Organics."

Jay McColm - Head Piercer at Tattoo Galaxy - Willow Grove, PA

"We stock a large variety of gold ends and rings from Buddha in my studio. Their threadless pins are strong, and the prices are very affordable for the quality of product you receive with very quick turn around times! I can restock pieces I have sold very quickly and I don't have to have  much money wrapped up in stock at any given time. This has allowed me to grow my business in other facets faster as a newer business owner. Making custom orders for my clients with a fast turn around has been a game changer! We show our customers Buddha’s designs on our iPad with the prices listed right on their website to have more transparency with cost. Not having to wait 6+ weeks for their orders helps us keep our customers coming back for more."

Alex Briggs - Owner and Head Piercer at Lucid Body Piercing  - Akron, OH

"I have been working with Buddha gold ends for almost a year now. First off, the jewelry designs look amazing! The finish is great, and you can immediately tell its high quality and well done jewelry. As for actually working with it, the threadless pins are very comfortable to use, after insertion the jewelry feels very secure which is very important to us at the shop. Thanks to the vast array of designs available, we can be very flexible with the look and placement of new pieces we install whether its one piercing or a whole ear design. But most importantly we've had zero problems so far, never lost a stone, never broke, never oxidized, which helps us focus on doing cool an beautiful piercings rather the troubleshooting faulty jewelry."

Liron - Owner + Piercing at Clean Cut Piercing - Israel

“I’ve been working with Buddha Jewelry Organics gold ends almost exclusively for over a year now and have to say they are some of the best gold ends I've used. The pins are extremely sturdy and gives me comfort knowing my clients won't easily lose their new jewelry. The incredible designs off styles for EVERYONE from minimalists to extravaganza-loving folks! Buddha's styles all work really well together so curating piercings is a breeze. I’m always excited for new designs to drop as it only gets better and better. I love how my clients and I can share the same enthusiasm and happiness towards ensuring the new piercing looks perfect as it is genuinely gorgeous and top notch quality jewelry.
Last but not least, I love Buddha Jewelry because they are super inclusive and stand for what’s right. Great company!”

Anji Anujin - Piercer at Deep Roots Tattoo - Seattle, WA

"As a conscientious consumer and piercer, being ethically aligned with the companies I support and present to my clients, is of the utmost importance to me. BJO’s advocacy for racial equality and social justice relays how much they care about their audience, and their impact on the industry. With the rapid progression and expansion of body piercing, we must recognize our roots, and continuously disrupt complicity in our industry. I am very proud to support BJO and continue this work, as a member of the Pro-team!"

Kookie Lynn - Piercer at Infinite Body Piercing - Baltimore, MD

"Buddha Jewelry Organics has been an all around pleasure to work with since day one!  Their solid gold pieces practically sell themselves.  The craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail.  Even clickers glide right into hard to see daiths or septums due to the artistry of the clasping mechanism.  We really enjoy the convenience of user friendly online ordering; it's just as easy to place a quick special order between clients as it is to restock the entire display.  Their jewelry arrives quickly (no need to explain jewelry turnaround times) with beautiful packaging, it's fun revealing little treasures.  We greatly appreciate their competitive pricing and the fact that they don't sell direct to the public at a lower price than you can get in-studio.  

We carefully choose our brands based on their quality and ethics. You have to be a conscientious consumer in this day and age and you can't be complicit.  People speak with their wallet and plant seeds of prosperity.  One of the things we at Amulet Arts appreciate most is that they are vocal in their activism! Buddha Jewelry Organics helps us at Amulet Arts keep our clients classically and conscientiously adorned! We love you Buddha!  You make selling fine jewelry so easy!"

Kaspa + Mandolynne - Owners of Amulet Arts - Patchogue, NY

 "I’ve admired Buddha Jewelry for a few years now- I absolutely love the attention to detail in their designs. Gold has become a huge part of our industry so knowing that a company meets the standards I want for my clients piercings and well-being really makes me feel good about selling them in the studio. The company stands out for me because it bridges the gap of being high quality, luxurious body jewelry while also being friendly on clients' budgets!"

Jordan Puster - Piercer at Sweet Leaf Body Arts - Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Buddha Jewelry - there is no other company that makes you feel so confident and beautiful. With perfect cut, high quality diamonds and Swarovski crystals, Buddha Jewelry makes you feel like a star. Working with Buddha’s gorgeous 14kt gold threadless ends is super special. When a client lays eyes on Buddha’s stand in my cabinet, they fall in love and no matter what piece they choose, and  it always looks amazing on them. Each piece is so perfect and so shiny. All 14kt threadless tops are universal and work with all threadless posts, which makes piercing with them super easy. The clickers are definitely my favorite pieces, each one is just absolute perfection and fit so perfectly in the chosen spot. Thank you Buddha for making such amazing, high end body jewelry!”
Emily - Piercer + Owner, Asgards Body Piercing - Australia

“There are so many positive things to say about Buddha Jewelry! From the design to the shine, they deliver a quality product that follows side-by-side with their customer service. Ordering from them is simple and straight forward, and the support is on point. The threadless jewelry is secure and easy to use, and the clicker style rings DO NOT stay in our cabinets long!”

Joshua - Piercer, Ideal Body Piercing - Ann Arbor, MI

“Kat and Cassidi came to my shop a little over a year ago and personally introduced me to Buddha's beautiful line of jewelry. Their flashy, vibrant or even subtle designs quickly made Buddha a top seller. Their unique designs and quality make them a pleasure to carry and install. Most of all, they’re affordable! In addition to all of their amazing jewelry, their staff is top-notch. Always a pleasure working with them.”
Bryan Mearon - Piercer - Saratoga Springs NY

“The owners of our shop stumbled upon Buddha Jewelry Organics at a NY trade show back in 2008 and we have been working with them since, even more so now since they began crafting their solid gold designs. BJO crafts impeccable, decorative, beautiful designs that come from an educated and well thought out place. From the craft of their sturdy hinged clickers to the way that they bind their pins to their threadless ends, you can tell that they put a lot of thought into their work. These designs are normally the first I pull out knowing full well that the customers will love them and I always feel confident that we are providing a quality product.”

Gabe Hilderbrand - Piercer + Manager of  Zebra Tattoo & Body Piercing - Oakland, CA

“I’m a personal collector of BJO’S weights, so when they came out with a line of solid gold jewelry safe for initial piercings, I was excited to see their innovation translate to smaller pieces for my clients. Their gold ends, rings, and charms are just gorgeous. The detail in the pieces is impeccable and makes the brilliance in the gemstones pop. I am very proud to offer Buddha Jewelry in our studio.” 
Vicki Rose - Piercer at Studio 28 - NYC
Working with Buddha Jewelry Organics has been wonderful. Above all, their defining feature is their conscientiousness, which is evident on all scales: from the durability of their threadless pins to the tangible ways in which they contribute to social causes.Their jewelry is the product of thoughtful and excellent craftsmanship. Not only does BJO carry elegant designs that fit every aesthetic—ranging from classic simplicity to high-impact bling—but the pins/clasps are incredibly sturdy. My clients and I love how easily we can put together highly coordinated yet unique jewelry sets, or seamlessly tie together existing jewelry collections using BJO pieces, and at very accessible price points to boot.Turnaround times are shockingly fast, and there is so much care put into even the packaging of their jewelry. The folks at Buddha are just some of the loveliest human beings around; meeting the team at Expo was one of the highlights of my 2019 APP Conference experience.I also really appreciate how they’ve used their platform to engage in and amplify discussion, education, and activism regarding social issues. From posting anti-racism resources, to the Mandala Program benefiting the ACLU, to giving away stickers in support of the USPS—it’s evident that BJO is conscientious on every level, and I am proud to support them!

 Nia Sotto - Piercer at Luxe Piercing -  Forest Park, IL

"Buddha Jewelry is awesome, their quality is indisputable. They are made from durable gold, and are amazing to look at with their unique designs! They catch the eyes of our clients every day. In the end, BJO’s jewelry makes every piercing a little more special and I’m really happy to pierce with them daily! "
Maxime Lussier - Piercer at XS Tattoo & Piercing Downtown - Montreal, Canada
“With flawless design and craftsmanship, Buddha Jewelry Organics is exceeding the standards not only in gold body jewelry, but also in customer service and turn around times.” 
Brandon Bailey - Piercer - Morgantown, West Virginia
"My experience with Buddha Jewelry has been so cool cause their threadless jewelry is so versatile. I can combine big and little tops using posts from different gauges, giving life to old piercing or adding some fun new ones! For nostrils  you can select big tops without the need of having a large gauge labret, so practically you can wear everything in every place, which is so incredible! Septum and daith rings are very impressive and makes it easy to create many wonderful combos!"
Israel Olivares - Piercer at Stefano's Tattoo Gallery - Lima, Peru
"Buddha Jewelry Organics is such an amazing company to work with. Their quality and craftsmanship of their jewelry is just superb. I've been ordering from them for years and have always had the greatest experience with them. They are kind, very responsible and just a joy to speak to. I also love their ethics and what they stand for, that's a big thing for me when I decide to carry jewelry in my studio. The designs they create are classic, elegant and very versatile for multiple placements. "

Nicholle Baskerville - Piercer + Owner of Pixel Piercing - KCMO

"Buddha Jewelry Organics is a jewelry company that I have had the pleasure to have been piercing with for a little over 2 years and not even once have I had a problem either with a hinge fail or a pin snapping! Every piece they make is exceptional and every single one of my clients that chooses Buddha Jewelry Organics are always attracted by their beauty and their uniqueness as well as the quality of their craftsmanship. Their quality will always surpass your expectations,  the clickers literally snap into place and are sturdy as they are beautiful. And there is nothing better than knowing your jewelry is secure as it is beautiful! As a professional piercer, there is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than knowing you are giving your client the best luxury body jewelry that meets all the standards in quality and luxury. The most important of all is that it will last you a lifetime."

Lucas Menedez - Piercer at Body Art Gallery - San Juan, PR

“I have always been a supporter of Buddha Jewelry Organics. When I was a piercing apprentice learning the ways of jewelry and design, I would study their creations and save for their most unique set of weights. I have many pieces including their Halo weights which won the Technical Innovation Award at the 22nd annual APP Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since then, BJO has only continued to build their repertoire. When I saw that they were creating solid gold clickers and threadless options, I was super excited to see their development. I now work as a piercer at Deep Roots Tattoo and Body Piercing in Seattle, WA. I use BJO threadless pieces and gold clickers on a regular basis and have been impressed by the construction and quality, as well as their attractive designs. The titanium pins on each threadless piece are sturdy and hold up well. When BJO first released threadless options, they offered solid 14kt white, yellow, and rose gold with clear Swarovski gems. Now they have expanded these options to include genuine black and white VS1 diamonds and genuine opal; with the promise of only adding more in the future. Each stone is expertly set, and in the rare event that a stone pops out or any other malfunction occurs, BJO offers a lifetime warranty to replace or repair the piece. The polish on every stone is bright and vivid and each comes in a variety of shapes and sizes well suited for any anatomy or placement one can dream of. Personally, my favorite piece is the Gemma, which comes in two different sizes. It is a curved piece that features a suite of baguette cut stones that offers a wide variety of placement options for the client. No look is complete without a fancy daith piercing, though! From the "Fame" to the "Indra", Buddha's line of clickers suit any personal style. Sll of BJO’s clickers feature secure clasps and smooth hinges that are positioned appropriately to be installed in fresh piercings. As a piercer, I thoroughly enjoy working with BJO’s solid gold designs for the aforementioned reasons. Because they offer a myriad of quality options at an affordable price, they check all the boxes of a strong body jewelry company our industry can trust.”

Kristina Outland - APP Committee Member/ Deep Roots Tattoo + Piercing

"We at the Pin Cushion love doing business with and carrying Buddha Jewelry! Buddha Jewelry has a diverse selection of high quality jewelry options for every piercing. Each piece is unique and has a distinctive style that Buddha maintains without being repetitive or unoriginal. We can always count on every item being consistent and maintaining the exquisite detail that Buddha provides. The turn around is timely while still maintaining the high quality that we love. The folks at Buddha are a pleasure to work with and are happy to answer any questions we have. Buddha Jewelry is a staple in our selection and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
PinCusion Piercing -  Hyannis, MA

Buddha Jewelry constantly produces finely crafted, high quality pieces of jewelry. You can tell that care and precision are taken with each individual piece. Polishing is impeccable and their threadless pins are sturdy and secure. Their customer service displays the utmost professionalism and shipping times are so quick! 

I personally have a large collection of Buddha Jewelry earrings and rings and I love sharing their continually growing designs with my clients. I can confidently tell clients they are investing in jewelry that will last them forever and will always be in style! I am proud to support Buddha Jewelry and offer their jewelry in the studio. 

Kirsten Janusewski - Piercer at Studio 28 - NYC

*Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.