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How to: Turn heads with a mask on


Fine metal crystal earrings
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Wearing a mask when we're at work or out in public is very important. It helps keep our communities safe from the spread of Covid-19, but we know that it's hiding all your beautiful piercings underneath. So we've put together a list of our most loved earrings so you can still show the world your great taste in jewelry while wearing your mask! Line break

The Halo's

Model wearing halo earrings
Fine metal crystal earrings

One of the many reasons we love to work with natural stones in our jewelry is that each piece is unique, so you know you'll be the only person in the world with that exact pair! Not only are these earrings stunning, they also have the benefits of crystal power to keep your grounded throughout your day. We have this design available with different stone and metals, as well as weights for stretched ears.

*Size of stones will vary, each pair will have measurements noted under product details. With natural stones, each pair will feature markings, hollows, and striations. No couple will be a perfect match as nothing occurring in nature is, which makes these even more unique. 


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Galaxy Earrings

Galaxy earring photo
Fine metal earrings

Shut down your zoom meeting with our mid-century inspired design! Available in yellow, rose and white gold these hand-carved earrings will let your personality shine. This design is lightweight and has a curved wear space for added comfort all day. They are perfect to dress up or down and strut around (in your living room)



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Stay Sexy Hoops

model photo of stay sexy hoop earrings
Fine metal hoop earrings with rutilated quartz

A classy hoop is always in style, but these hoops are one of a kind. Adorned with a beautiful genuine stone handpicked by our designers in a teardrop setting. We love this design so much that we wanted to do the most and give you all the stone options - Malachite, Larimar, Aquamrine, Amazonite, Moostone, Turquoise, Black Sardonyx, Chrysocolla, Oregon Sunstone, Rainbow Flourite, Smokey Quartz, and Golden Rutilated Quartz!


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Buzz Earrings

model photo of buzz earrings

Fine metal earrings with Turquoise

These are the bees knees! This beautiful design is available with a genuine turquoise or coral inlay that adds the perfect pop of color to your look. They are perfect to wear in smaller sized lobes, but they also have enough weight to wear alone in larger lobes with a curl style wear space to ensure they stall in comfortable all day!

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Model Photo

These are just a few of the many beautiful earring and weight designs that we have available. From natural stones and organics to full metal goodness and gold staple pieces, we've got you covered. Show the world what you've got!

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