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Visiting a piercing stuido

Why is visiting a piercing studio important?


Model PhotoAnji is wearing the small echo ends in her high nostrils, the large echo ends in her nostrils, radiant clicker in her septum, ethereal end in her philtrum, and the rapture earrings



Our jewelry is geared towards the piercing industry and creating the highest quality jewelry for that purpose. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the piercing industry and we know how important it is to have quality jewelry that will last you a lifetime. A big reason why we have the backs for the threadless ends sold separately at your local piercing studio is so you can have your brand new piece of fine gold jewelry installed properly, therefore making it last forever! Like most things in life, you would want a professional to install something correctly for you. Piercers have extensive training and knowledge that can help you find the proper sized back for your threadless end, the perfect sized ring for your unique anatomy, and most importantly give you helpful tips on how to care for your piercing!


Muse Hoops Amethyst Muse Hoops


Another great thing about visiting your local piercing studio is that you can see the jewelry in person and visualize your jewelry dreams! Body jewelry is a very personal and beautiful form of self expression. There's nothing more magical than browsing through a jewelry collection and seeing what calls out to you. Your local piercing studio can also special order items for you if they do not have them currently available in the shop. Our orders typically ship within the week the order is placed! We love our wholesale clients and the industry that we supply to. We are thankful to have clients worldwide that carry our brand and we are happy to assist you in finding the nearest Buddha Jewelry retailer near you! Please email us to find out 


 Buddha Jewelry Model PhotoGin (left) is wearing the Turquoise Stay Sexy earrings  + Elite clicker in their septum. Eilena (right) is wearing the Turquoise Drop Divine Plugs, the Tribute end in their nostril, the Cora Seamless ring in their double nostril + the Valentina end in their lip  







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