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Chloe DeSimone Style Spotlight

Style Spotlight - Chloe DeSimone

In an industry full of unique people, some stand out among the rest. We've had our eye on Chloe from Cowpok and her amazing fashion sense for some time now.   Everything from her style, knowledge of fine jewelry, and bubbly personality made her a wonderful new edition to our team of Brand Ambassadors. The BJO crew are thrilled to have her working this years APP conference along side us. We are truly #blessed to have her apart of our team and see this as a start of something very beautiful!

Here is what Chloe has to say about her personal style:

"My style has always been simple; as a jeweler, I know that the smallest details make the biggest statements - and that's why I love Buddha Jewelry Organics. This brand caters to everyone! From the most glamorous, avant gard pieces to simple classics that give any person a clean, tailored look. The look of body jewelry is evolving more and more into wearable art, and I'm so honored to wear a brand who pushes the envelope while maintaining the highest quality available for every single piece. I'm proud to not only wear, but sell this line to my clients everyday."

You can find Chloe and Buddha Jewelry at Cowpok in Buffalo NY.

Photos by @sydmca on Instagram


Chloe DeSimone


Chloe DeSimone


Chloe DeSimone

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