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Corey DeMelo Style Spotlight

Style Spotlight - Corey DeMelo

We first noticed Corey on social media. His on point style and great personality shined through each Instagram post and we instantly fell in love with him. Now its your turn to fall in love with him! <3
Here is what he has to say about his style:
"My personal style is pretty minimal. I tend to keep my looks to the basics. Give me black jeans, a basic t, a flannel and that pretty much is my everyday wear.
On the flip side I tend to keep my jewelry as eye catching as I can. I think that's why BJO is my favorite company to work with. They're pieces definitely snag attention everywhere I go and can be dressed up or dressed down very easily. I'm honored to represent their brand whenever I leave my house."
Corey DeMelo
Corey DeMelo
Featuring the Rider Plugs
You can find Corey piercing at Darkstar Tattoo in Westport MA.
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