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Jen Hennefer Style Spotlight

Style Spotlight - Jen Hennefer

How many Microbiologist do you know with this amazing of a jewelry collection? Jen Hennefer is stylish and smart, pushing the boundaries of what you think a scientist should look like.
Here is what Jen has to say about her personal style:
Jen Hennefer
"I am always searching for that special jewelry that makes my heart beat a little faster. I'm obsessed with the one of a kind and truly beautiful stone treasures that are created by Buddha Jewelry Organics. They are anything but typical and I'm honored each time I am able to add their coveted pieces to my collection. My style encompasses both the "large and in charge" as well as the more minimal, and they have an option for whatever I'm looking to wear. I know Buddha will remain one of my go to jewelry companies, and I'm excited to see how their designs evolve in the future. Thanks for keeping me classy!" - Jen
Jen Hennefer
Silver & Amethyst Alchemy Weights
Jen Hennefer
Brass & Pyrite Zahara's
Jen Hennefer
Moss Agate Muse Hoops
Jen Hennefer
Yellow Gold 2g Deity Hoops
Jen Hennefer
Photos by Diana and Cory Steffen from Dee and Cory Productions - @deeandcory on IG
You can still find Jen time to time at Koi Piercing Studio in Salt Lake City.
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