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Support Piercers of color

Support Piercers Of Color!

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement we wanted to show a few ways you can support Piercers of Color in our industry.

Listen: Check out last week's Piercing Wizard Podcast. On this episode Ryan has turned it over to a Piercers of Color panel discussion featuring Cameron Solo, Trevor Thomas, Shwayze, Victoria Rothman, Tenn, Cozmo, and moderated by Michelle Katzelnick.

Follow: Follow _piercersofcolor on Instagram to discover beautiful pictures of piercings and BIPOC piercers near you!

Discuss: Are you a piercer of color looking for support in our industry? No matter where you are in your piercing career, you can join the Piercers Of Color Facebook forum.

Take ActionAll Inclusive National Resource List & Businesses to Support by Piercers Of Color Here!

Support piercers of color

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