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Threadless Posts

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Single threadless posts are officially here! We've partnered with various APP-approved vendors to bring you the best threadless posts that will work great for any of your piercings.

Trying to figure out what size post you need can be tricky, but below will be a breakdown on which gauge and length post might work best for you!


  • Solid titanium threadless post
  • Made in the USA
  • For Nostril and Earlobe tissue, an 18g post is commonly
  • For Cartilage piercings, a 16g post is most common
  • 1/4" post length - thinner tissue, or a healed piercing
  • 5/16" post length - thicker tissue, or a still healing piercing
  • Sold as a single
  • Video on how threadless ends + posts work

Now for the most accurate post fitting and sizing, we will always recommend if able, to go to your local piercing studio and have a piercer help pick out the best posts for your own anatomy!

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