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Threadless Posts

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Experience ultimate comfort and versatility with our threadless posts, also known as flat backs. These posts ensure a custom fit for any piercing style, making them perfect for a wide range of piercings. Designed for 24/7 wear, these "nap-friendly" earrings have become a staple in recent years. We've collaborated with various APP-approved vendors to offer you top-quality threadless posts suitable for all your piercings.

For the most precise fitting and sizing, we highly recommend visiting your local piercing studio, where a professional piercer can assist in selecting the ideal posts for your unique anatomy.

Determining the correct post size can be challenging, but fear not! Below, you'll find a comprehensive guide detailing the optimal gauge and length for your needs.

Size Information

  • 18g is most common for earlobe and nostril piercings
  • 16g is most common for other piercings like helix, conch, or philtrum piercings
  • 1/4" post length - thinner tissue, or a healed piercing
  • 5/16" post length - thicker tissue, or a still healing piercing


  • Solid titanium universal threadless post
  • Made in the USA and sold as a single

How To Use

  • Video on how threadless ends + posts work

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